Effective Temperature Control can extend the life of electrical apparatus, such as transformers, drives, motors and switchgear. TECSYSTEM is a leader in the industry and supplies temperature controls throughout the world.  Controllers up to 12 channels (inputs) are available. RTD or Thermocouple inputs are available. Very durable innovative electronic designs make the difference between TECSYSTEM and other manufacturers.

Springer Controls Company

Springer Controls specializes in providing industrial controls as well as custom design controls to the market with shipment within 24 hours. SCC can provide electro-mechanical contactors and starters from 6 Amp to 700 Amp with electronic coils as well as wound coils. We also offer a complete line of solid-state contactors, soft start controls, and temperature controls using the latest electronic technology. Complementing the base product lines, we offer both 22mm and 30mm pilot-devices, DIN rail mounted terminal blocks, power disconnect switches and cam switches up to 12 steps, oil immersed switches originally designed by Rowan Controls, and crane and hoist controls including pendant stations, rotary gear limit switches and foot switches. The electronic temperature controls are designed specifically for RTDs on drives and transformer control and exceed the CE requirements of EMI and surge protection.

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Download the Catalog, bottom right, for all of the products. Some of the popular products are listed separately. Some options include: Ethernet, Intelifan (fan excercise), voting (alarm delay if one sesor alarms), and now Wifi.

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