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How many arresters or SPDs do you see in these pictures?

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

How often should these arresters be replaced? Do you see the blown arrester?

What happens with single phase events? Consider a better way, below.......

Arresters must be replaced
Riser pole with arresters

Lightning arresters - failed arrester
Riser pole with arresters - when will they be replaced?

Consider a different method of protecting the distribution line from:

  • Lightning damage.

  • Voltage events, such as single phase sags, which are corrected.

  • Electrical noise, which is reduced.

  • Single phase events, which are prevented.

by placing one Phaseback VSGR on the secondary of the Power Transformer and gain:

  • Better protection.

  • Long life expectancy of equipment.

  • Improved system uptime & thus increase revenue.

  • Reduced maintenance cost, you can remove the existing SPDs at your convenience.

  • Improved economy from reduced energy consumption & efficiency.

Call me to discuss the possibilities. Cy Cates 832 647 4606 or

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