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Catastrophic events happen, right? When will these events happen?

1…..Ground faults 2…..Arc Flash events

3.....Voltage fluctuation & imbalances

4…..Transients & Flash-overs

5…..Single phase Voltage Sags

500A CB after Arc Flash

Could the answer be?

At the worst possible time!

Problem: Circuit Breaker catastrophic failures. This picture shows the damage caused by arcing ground faults on a Work Boat. 8 Arc Flash events in 2 years, cause ABS to ground this vessel.

This circuit breaker is but one of many catastrophic failures & 8 Arc Flash events on this new Pipe Laying Work Boat, equipped with all of the latest protection systems, including *High Resistance Ground system *Ground Fault detection system *Harmonic Filters *TVSS, SPD, Lightning Arresters *Reactors *Phase Voltage imbalance relays *Zig-Zag transformers

  • 500 amp Molded Case Circuit Breaker, destroyed by Arc Flash.

  • As a result of this event, two electricians were sent to a hospital for treatment.

VSGR was installed, allowing the ship to sail!

There have been no Arc Flash events since!

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