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How to size Phaseback VSGR

Install Phaseback VSGR (voltage stabilizing ground reference).

No other changes required. It’s that simple!

Phaseback VSGR low voltage units are simple to select

Phaseback VSGR Protects all equipment on the Transformer secondary, making other devices unnecessary, such as HRG, TVSS (SPDs), Voltage Regulators, Snubber circuits, etc.

For 600V 3phase Systems including:

Delta, Wye, Impedance Grounded, un-grounded, or solidly grounded.

PB- Phaseback VSGR 480- Line to Line voltage 250- for 250 kVA transformer it protects

D- Delta or Y for Wye W- Water Treatment Plant Version F- Flange Mounted Disc. C- Counter

To properly size VSGR, we need to answer a couple of questions:

  1. System Voltage, needing protection?

  2. kVA rating of the supply Transformer? If you know the kVA, great, go the table.

  3. If you don't know the kVA rating, the circuit breaker, fed by the transformer can help. Example: 1200A main CB (use Trip rating).

  4. Formula: Transformer kVA is approximately equal to

  5. (Volts x CB Amp rating x 1.732) / 1000.

Example 1, 480V Main Circuit Breaker, rated 800A,

((480X800) X 1.732) / 1000 = 665kVA. Select 750kVA

model # PB480Y750WFC

Example 2, for 480V Main Circuit Breaker, rated 250A,

((480X250) X 1.732) / 1000 = 208kVA. Select 250kVA

model # PB480Y250WFC

Voltages phase / ground will be good up to any high impedance loads, such as transformers, Drives, UPS systems, so they will have good Voltage input.

VSGR provides needed Voltage protection!

  • No Transients

  • No Single Phase Sags

  • Phase Angles corrected

  • Energy Cost is reduced! 1 year payback


  • Arc Flash risks are greatly reduced!

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