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Phaseback VSGR will prevent up to 85% of Arc Flash events!

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

VSGR fixed the Arc Flash problem
  • The safest system possible, without ground fault concerns and the resulting Arc Flash events.

  • The most efficient system possible, with reduced capacitive charge current leaked to ground, and better conditions for motors, drives, lighting, and electronics.

  • The most stable system possible, with balanced voltages phase to ground, no single-phase sags or surges. This system will provide the best results for electrical apparatus longevity, health, and clean operation.

**On 3 wire systems, Voltage Harmonics are reduced by approximately 85%.

My intention is not to discourage diligent and complete Arc Flash training strategies, but to help provide the safest work environment possible for everyone.

It is important to note that Arc Flash events happen because of

1. Flash-over which can be caused by a Voltage Surge.

2. Insulation breakdown or contamination which creates a path for a Flash-over.

3. Accidents. If the accident simply causes a single-phase Flash-over, VSGR will control that event and may save a life.

*** A Flash-over, without humans, is bad for business and should be eliminated.

Obviously, it is very important for management to train employees on proper safety practices and provide all the proper tools. With VSGR installed, management can also help to remove many of the unpredictable risks associated with electricity. Why not?

For a safe efficient and reliable power system, install a VSGR. Call me for a demonstration.

Cy Cates 832 647 4606

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