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2 Transformer 3 phase Service Open Wye / Open Delta electrical systems ▪ examples & discussion

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Open Wye Open Delta service
2 transformer 3phase electrical service

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Electric Utilities have offered 2 Transformer connections for many years, as a less expensive 3 phase service. Often these systems are limited to 150kVA—250kVA, & provide lower total owning cost, compared to 3 Transformer 3 phase transformer services. In many cases these systems work reliably well. In some cases, reliability is a problem. The DOWNTIME issues are usually caused by the type of load used by the customers, such as Electronics, AC Drives, Lighting, & Computer systems. Electronics, in concentration, tend to cause Voltage issues on the electrical system and they tend to be the most sensitive to those issues.

If you are thinking, “My system worked great for so many years and now I have problems, Why is that? You have probably installed new electronic loads which have put you over an invisible threshold.

Electrical Conditions that COST MONEY & CAUSE DOWNTIME:

1. Voltage imbalance, can cause equipment to shut down on faults.

2. Voltage Transients, can cause equipment failure & software errors.

3. Single Phase Sags, can be similar to outage, but shorter, causing reboot.

4. Harmonics and electrical noise can cause malfunction & overload / overheating.

5. Phase Angle Displacement. Further stresses the Electronic loads, increase energy used, can cause additional problems like lockup or loss of setup, after an unexpected outage.

6. Higher Electrical Costs, Electric bills can be affected by additional load, caused by Voltage imbalance, Harmonics & poor Power Factor.

Problems solved, by installing Phaseback VSGR:

1. Motors run more efficiently, with clean balanced Phase Voltages. 1.4% cost improvement for every 1% of imbalance.

2. Variable Speed Drives, (AC and DC Drive Motor systems) last longer with reduced downtime.

3. Today's lighting, (with electronic components) work better & last longer. Get the life & light that you expect.

4. UPS—Uninterruptible Power Systems last longer w/ fewer malfunctions and component failures. No more downtime.

5. Save Energy and Save Money on Electrical Bills, by maximizing system efficiency. Power Factor is easily corrected with Voltage issues resolved, and can further save money.

6. Improve System Safety, Reduce the risk of Arc Flash, by stopping ground faults before they happen. What is this

worth to you?

Phaseback VSGR is available at all Voltage Ratings

Call me for an appointment to discuss your application.

We offer electrical service, Power Quality analyzer rental/setup, reporting, solutions,

and verification of results.

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