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Ph/Ph or Ph/Gnd Voltage Wave Forms? A key to maximizing Up-Time!

Updated: Jan 29, 2021


You don't see the fault in Ph/Ph view! This Coast Guard Study summary compares Delta & Wye Soures on the same Ship, with and without VSGR installed. This 5page 11x17" PDF also includes other case study Recorder information addressing Harmonics, which shows before & after VSGR was installed. Take a look, its a free download.

VSGR (Voltage Stabilizing Ground Reference) replaces many other devices normally used to resolve Power Quality issues. Install VSGR first and save even more money!

VSGR makes these products obsolete:

  • Voltage Regulators

  • Harmonic Filters

  • Reactors

  • TVSS, Lightning protection, or SPDs

  • AC Snubber Circuits

  • NGR

  • High Resistance Ground Systems.

Voltage SPIKES, Voltage IMBALANCE, and SINGLE PHASE SAGS, Single Phase Events & more, will cause equipment problems and control system malfunction. During Voltage events, you can also experience PHASE ANGLE DISPLACEMENT, which contributes to control related lockups and further malfunction. By eliminating these rather normal risk conditions, system reliability and UP-TIME will be improved, while saving Money and Energy. VSGR is compatible with your existing protective systems.

Give me a call for a demonstration Cy Cates 832 647 4606 c

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