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Voltage events shown on CBEMA curve -Which chart would you prefer for your facility?

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

In a recent case study, 2 charts show Voltage events before and after VSGR (Voltage Stabilizing Ground Reference) was installed.

It is useful to see these events applied to a CBEMA chart

(Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers' Association. Today the concentration of electronic loads, give us an opportunity to solve Voltage problems and improve system efficiency. Electronic loads are sensitive to Voltage events and they cause many of them. Examples: LED & Florescent lighting, VFDs, etc.

What are Voltage events?

1. Transients, spikes, or surges - very brief High Voltage conditions, usually less than 50ms.

2. Sags are low voltage conditions, which can be Low on 1phase & may be high on the other 2phases.

3. Voltage swell is longer duration High Voltage condition.

4. Harmonics & Electrical Noise—Frequency related Voltage problems.

5. Outage is complete loss of power, which requires a generator or UPS.

Phaseback VSGR & Harmonic Silencer effectively correct & mitigate Voltage events, other than outages!

When the Voltage events don’t happen, there are many electrical system benefits, including efficiency, safety, & reliability. Call me to discuss your applications. Cy Cates 832 647 4606

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