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VFD Motor problem solved with VSGR

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

480V drive motor system

This is an interesting case study. See the before and after VSGR, data / one line. (Voltage Stabilizing Ground Reference)

It was a problem area of the plant. The electricians were afraid to work on it, until VSGR was installed.

Download 3 pages, that show before and after information.

After VSGR installation the electricians asked, "Why isn't it running?" They were accustomed to the very load roar from the motor when running. Now it's running quietly.

The utility came out after VSGR was installed and asked if everything was OK, as their electrical usage had gone down significantly, making the payback very short.

Let us help you with your problem electrical areas, or just help you save money and make your system safe from Arc Flash.

I learned that this motor is actually a DC motor and the drive is SCR system. (for SCR a DVS, drive voltage stabilizer, does not apply, as the motor is DC). The Harmonics can be extreme in either case, depending on a number of factors. The good news is that applying VSGR is simple. VSGR is sized to the Supply Transformer. On a 3 wire system, the Harmonics will be reduced by about 85%. The same system would be used for SCR or VFD.

In some cases, with grounded or underground Wye systems, a Harmonic Silencer may be added to meet the application requirements. The Silencer will reduce the Current Harmonics, which affect the Voltage Harmonics.

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