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What does the perfect Electrical System look like?

Simple, Efficient, Safe, & Reliable!

1. Safe—Prevents 85% of Arc Flash Events. Reduce Fault Current to 1A.

2. Efficient—Use less energy.

3. Reliable—Maximum up-time with Balanced Voltages Phase/Ground, and without 1ph Sags.

4. Equipment & Loads achieve maximum life – with Lowest operating Temperatures and noise free Voltages.

5. No Faults— First ground fault, Alarm and correct the event, system operates. The 2nd ground fault, Alarm and Correct the event.

6. All Transients are eliminated.

7. Save Money, eliminating energy consuming and expensive “Band-Aide” equipment, such as 12+ Pulse Drives, Reactors, Filters, SPDs, Isolation Transformers, Snubbers, NGR, HRG, etc. Don’t worry about Voltage Harmonics or Frequency issues as they are corrected.

8. Make more money—With the perfect Electrical System.

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