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Phaseback VSGR fixed Voltage imbalance! and it remains fixed!

A farm in Michigan was experiencing serious Voltage problems, which caused process downtime and Drive/Motor failures. Phaseback VSGR fixed the problems and they remain fixed today. The before and after information that follows was taken on the same day without and with Phaseback VSGR installed.

Voltage imbalance was 12% and phase displacement distortion was 14°. This significant imbalance makes it impossible for electric motors, drives, and controls to function as designed.

The Open Wye / Open Delta circuit, provided by the utility, was a practical and inexpensive approach to deliver electricity when it was installed. Since then, new electrical products have become popular providing additional functionality, but may not work with this type of electrical system. Two wires come into this facility to a bank of 2 transformers to provide 3 phase electrical service to the farm.

You can see that Voltages Phase/Ground & Phase Angles are corrected with VSGR ON = From 12.3% to 0.1% imbalance.

If Phaseback VSGR can correct this Voltage problem, perhaps you can imagine how your system will benefit today and into the future.

Phaseback VSGR will correct Voltage anomalies automatically, as needed, at the speed of current flow.

Other benefits

· Arc Flash Prevention

· Voltage Surge elimination

· Harmonics reduced 85%

· Electrical Noise reduced

· Frequency issues corrected

· kW & kWhr reduced

· Power Factor improved

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