• Cy Cates

Is it possible? Can we really Save the Grid? Yes, the American Way!

With Phaseback VSGR (Voltage Stabilized Ground Reference) installed from the power plant to the home, EMP bombs and geomagnetic storms will not damage our electrical systems.

The heck you say! How can that be done?

Very efficiently, I say!

· Phaseback VSGR Increases Electrical Efficiency & Protects the Grid at Every Level:

· Transmission — Reduced line losses, Voltage Balancing PH/Grnd, 3Wire

· Distribution — Reduced line losses, Surge Removal, 3Wire option, Safety

· User Surge Removal, Protection from HV events, Energy Efficiency, Safety

· EMP Protection is inherent at every level. Phaseback VSGR will:

· Balance the Voltages Continuously, at the speed of current flow!

· Phaseback VSGR will correct the frequency impulses!

· Phaseback VSGR will prevent ARC FLASH!

· Phaseback VSGR will Save Lives!

The American way is to be self reliant, and independent with regard to protecting our families and communities.

Phaseback VSGR will Save the Grid

the American Way, and do it economically!

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