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How to choose & apply Phaseback VSGR (Voltage Stabilizing Ground Reference)

Two Examples follow: Phaseback VSGR can be applied to most any electrical system, new or existing. This article is specific to the 600V class Phaseback VSGR. Contact me about other voltage ratings. Manual pdf, 1. Model # PB150HLDG - A split-phase unit for 120/240 Residential or Commercial installation - Install on 30 A 2 pole or 2ea. 1 pole circuit breaker at panel. Maximum kVA is

2. Model # PB480D3000WFC - 3 phase 480V Nema 3R 155C Ambient suitable for indoor or outdoor installation. Connect within 1000ft of the main Power panel. Make the Parallel connection to panel or direct connect to the bus (Phaseback VSGR includes fused disconnect). Optionally, to confirm benefits for yourself, once installation is complete, connect 3 phase meter to the Transformer secondary, anywhere you wish and collect the following information / values: Voltage, Phasor (phase relationships), Power Factor, KW, kVA, THD Voltage, etc. Operate the disconnect on the Phaseback VSGR and repeat the data collection process for comparison. Expectations for comparison purposes:

Phaseback VSGR ON

1. No Transients, improving reliability & saving money.

2. Arc Flash / Faults prevented - see 6. Alarm condition, improving safety & reliability.

3. Voltages Phase to ground are Balanced - correcting high Voltage and low Voltage conditions, such as Single Phase condition and Arcing Ground Fault or Ground Fault, preventing the second phase fault in most cases, improving safety and reliability and saving money.

4. Phase Angle Differential maintained at 120 Degree at all times, saving energy.

5. Harmonics improvement approximately 85% on 3 wire systems, improving reliability & saving energy.

6. Significant electrical Noise and Wave Form distortion corrected, reducing losses, & saving energy.

7. Alarm from sensor/relay circuit in case of ground on a phase is beginning, improving safety and reliability.

8. Power Factor improvement, improving capacity.

8. Reduced kW, saving energy.

9. Reduced Current to ground, saving energy.


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