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Hey Electricians, Great news! Have you heard? The Safe Electrical System is available today!

How about your workplace? 1pg pdf

A Safe Electrical System allows you to do your work without risk of injury. With a Safe Electrical System, most Flash-overs, Arc Flash events, and Ground Faults are prevented. Any Flash-over event that happens with a human close by, becoming an ARC FLASH event, with the possibility of injury or death, must be avoided.

  • If you accidentally connect a hot phase and ground, the likelihood of injury or a damaging fault is greatly reduced, and most likely avoided. (Phase to Phase events remain very dangerous).

  • If a limb causes one phase to ground fault, the system continues to operate, with an alarm that activates upon sensing a ground.

  • High Voltage Transients, Lightning events, etc., which typically cause many ARC FLASH events are neutralized, and these become non-events.

  • Ground Faults caused by insulation failure, water, or contamination are corrected, allowing the system to continue to operate, and an alarm will activate.

Phaseback VSGR is a critical part of a Safe Electrical System. How do we know this? After 15 years of installations, and thanks to the recent ARC FLASH test, it is known, and has been proven: “The Safe Electrical System is Available Today!”

The Phaseback VSGR Arc Flash Test at KEMA Labs took place in January of 2017. This Arc Flash Test is a destructive test intended to measure the damage and energy of an Arc Flash event. The result: Applied Energy’s Phaseback VSGR Arc Flash Test was a non-event. The KEMA Lab technicians and management were scratching their heads, because they were expecting an explosion. KEMA Lab duplicates the normal cause of Arc Flash by attempting to inject 6000V on one phase of a 3 phase system (480V). Typically, this high voltage event will cause a flashover. The phase to ground fault causes a phase to phase catastrophic event. When this test was applied, Phaseback VSGR did its job. It protected the system and personnel. The system continued to operate. The system did not see 6000V overvoltage, there was a 12V rise on one phase. The event was neutralized in each of the 12 tests performed by KEMA.

The Safe Electrical System is also highly economical, as kW consumption and leakage to ground are reduced, not to mention the improved equipment life and reliability.

Do you have Phaseback VSGR installed where you work? If not, ask your manager why not. There is no good reason today to be working with an unsafe electrical system. Phaseback VSGR will save Lives and Save money. Join us at one of our upcoming 30 minute webinars to learn how to protect your system and save money.

See the Full KEMA Arc Flash Test Report (PDF), or KEMA Arc Flash Test with Phaseback VSGR Video (YouTube).

Give me a call to discuss your applications. I am committed to helping you achieve the “Safe Electrical System”.

Cy Cates 832 647 4606 cell

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