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1000FT FROM DRIVE TO MOTOR - DVS removed the spikes & harmonics!

PHASEBACK DVS (Drive Voltage Stabilizer) cleaned up the VFD voltage issues that damage & reduce the life of the motor. 1pg pdf

voltage Peak chart

Peak voltage Chart- DVS on/off/on shows change 635V to 376V B phase

Volt Crest Factor

Crest Factor Chart- DVS on/off/on shows change 2.18 to 1.16 B ph

RMS Voltage Chart- on/off/on shows change 288V to 322V on phase B

The case study follows:

200 hp 480 volt 3-phase motor connected to the secondary of an 18-pulse siemens Robicon AC VFD with a phaseback Drive Voltage Stabilizer connected to the motor power cable terminals.

Test basis:

67% reference speed, 40.2 hertz,

184 amps on the output of the drive Crest Factor Chart shows 2.18 to 1.16

Results from the test: The PHASEBACK DVS

  • Efficiently reduced the peak ac voltage

  • From 630 volts to 372 volts - Without other devices, such as reactors, Filters, Active Front End, TVSS, SPDs, Isolation Transformers, etc.​

  • The transient voltages were prevented / eliminated by PHASEBACK DVS

  • 36,000 Transients per second from IGBT to motor were eliminated

  • Efficiently reduced the voltage crest factor

  • By 45%. From 2.12 to 1.16. Without other devices.

  • Reduced by the harmonic reduction properties of PHASEBACK DVS

  • Improved the RMS Voltage

  • By 8%. Without other devices.

  • From 297.07V to 320.5V Average


With lower peak voltage and reduced harmonics, the motor runs cooler and does not have to work as hard. This causes less wasted power and less voltage drop, allowing an improvement in RMS (effective voltage), power factor, kvar and kva.

  1. Electric motors running cooler

  • 7.5°C reduction in heat

  • Motor life is doubled.

  1. Phaseback DVS removes the transients

  • IGBT drives typically have 36000 Transients per second.

  1. This will typically equate to approximately 1 TO 2 YEAR PAYBACK.

We offer an excel spreadsheet for calculating actual payback based on your horsepower, annual run time hours, energy cost and other factors. Download XL file

Reference: Jon Bickel, Square D / Schneider Electric—Plant Engineering 6/1/2006 download 21pg pdf

for a quote on Phaseback DVS, Phaseback VSGR, or Phaseback Harmonic Silencer

Cy Cates 832 647 4606 cell

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