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World Class Power Transformers - ELTAS with conservator tank

Most Power Transformers of 20MVA or larger, in the WORLD, will have a conservator tank rather than a sealed tank. The idea is that the conservator will allow the oil to expand, and contract as needed during normal operation and the tank stays full of liquid. This will change the protective device for sudden pressure rise detection. Buchholz relay is designed to provide that function with a conservator tank. Look around and you may see this type of transformer as they are widely used in the US as well, especially with larger size transformers. ELTAS offers both sealed tank and conservator tank designs, with circular windings in their complete range of products, which includes ratings as small as 2500kVA and as large as 250MVA. Primary Voltages from 5kV to 420kV. 50 or 60Hz. PDF download 1pg

ELTAS also offers two different types of cast resin transformers from 500kVA to 25MVA.

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