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Phaseback VSGR will save the Power Grid


• Protect the Grid from damaging electromagnetic events and all Power Quality events except outage.

• Increase available Kilowatt Hours with no additional Generation by fossil Fuels or Renewables.

• Eliminate Lightning and Substation Switching Transients and the Oscillating Ring Waves they cause.

• Extend the Life of Distribution System Capacitors and other apparatus.

• Zero Environmental Impact

Phaseback VSGR is a voltage stabilizer for power distribution systems that prevents most transient voltage spikes, reduces voltage harmonics, stabilizes the 120 degree phase differential even in un-grounded and open-delta power systems, and will protect the grid like nothing else on the market!
According to the Department of Energy, voltage stability and noisy power are (2) two of their major concerns. In fact, the power loss in supplying and distributing electrical power is current squared multiplied by the resistance in the wire. Actually the voltage drop resulting in this effect is added to the voltage drops caused by other losses such as the reactance in the distribution system. Reactance is proportional to frequency so the resulting voltage drop for the third harmonic plus the loss for the fifth harmonic and for the seventh harmonic are all added to the losses for the resistance. If there was a way to lower the current just 5%, the resulting loss just due to the resistance would be 20% less. Reducing the currents due to harmonics and other electrical noise will do exactly that; reduce the losses and increase the amount of fundamental power that can be supplied to customers.
Phaseback VSGR has a 12-year track record protecting and cleaning up power systems, making it ideal for wind generators and various other power generating methods. With a Phaseback VSGR at each large generator and distribution transformer, the entire distribution system would be simply distributing the generated power to customers with cleaner, more stable power with less power loss. Removing the noise from customer-generated power problems as well as Mother Nature's issues will increase the lifespan of the customers’ electrical equipment including electric motors.
Phaseback VSGR reduces harmonics by the square law factor. The 3rd harmonic is filtered 9 times, the 5th harmonic is filtered 25 times and the 7th harmonic is filtered 49 times the typical loss of 60Hz noise. This typically reduces all harmonics 50 to 85% from the 2nd harmonic through the 56,000,000th harmonic of 60Hz. Unlike other types of inline filters designed for smoothing the current in 1 or 2 harmonics, Phaseback VSGR reduces harmonic noise by beating it against itself so it reduces all harmonics. Phaseback VSGR uses no solid state components in the filter circuit, so there is no delay and it starts to correct phase voltage imbalances as small as 100 millivolts at the beginning of the event. The components are inductive and electromagnetic plus pure resistance for removing noise, so clean power can be fed back into the power system. Phaseback VSGR does not cause a high current surge to limit phase voltage. The filtering is instantaneous, automatic and reliable.
A power grid, distribution system or facility protected by Phaseback VSGR will use less power; electric motors will run cooler and have a longer lifespan. Phaseback VSGR provides a predictable positive impact on the bottom line. The design of Phaseback VSGR also makes it ideal for low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage systems and applications. Phaseback VSGR can also protect the customer's power systems and equipment from serious damage from large electrical problems such as lightning or a possible EMP pulse outside the immediate blast area. The level of damage will be reduced and the recovery time will be much faster. Phaseback VSGR can even warn you of the possible presence of an arc-flash hazard.
Phaseback VSGR has already survived over 30 hours protecting a power system from 200,000 volt spikes arcing to one lead of a running 3-phase motor without damage and has removed high frequency electrical noise through 3.69 gigahertz. A government paper outlined the effects of lightning and EMP on electrical power systems indicating the voltages at the secondary of the power transformer could reach 50,000 volts and the frequency of the noise is between 10 kHz and 3.5 gigahertz. The standard version of Phaseback VSGR already does this.


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