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Why not Save Money, Save Lives, and Save Aggravation?

Updated: Jan 19

by installing Arc Flash preventing transformer in the first place.

Harmonic Waveform and Harmonic Table

Before After

This is how an auto-parts manufacturer improved up-time in a CNC machine facility. In this test, one CNC machine's Voltage Harmonics went from 7% to 1%. One AFPT was installed in place of e​ach Delta / Wye Transformer. Problem Solved!

These machines were faulting, causing the CNC control, PLC control Operator Station Computer and the drives to lock up every day.

Maintenance electricians disconnected the power feed from the Delta - Wye transformer (Before) and connected it to the Delta - Delta power transformer which had a Phaseback VSGR on the secondary. (After) = AFPT Arc Flash Preventing Transformer.

The results were very conclusive and very surprising to the plant operations people. They went from faulting multiple times per shift to never faulting. Up-time, in the plant, went from 50% to 85% so the factory did not have to ship parts out for machining and they saved $9.00 per part. 33,000 parts per month saved $297,000 per month. That was a payback in less than one week. Install AFPTin the first place, so you can Save money, Save Lives, and Save Aggravation.

Delta / Wye Transformer w NGR/HRG or AFPT Harmonics Isolation No Yes

Arc-Flash / Fault prevention No Yes

Voltage Spikes / High Voltage corrected No Yes

Phase Voltage Imbalance corrected No Yes

Phase Loss from high impedance grnds fixed No Yes

Phase angle differential maintained No Yes

Phase voltage instability corrected No Yes

Phase voltage harmonics improved No Yes

Waveform distortion corrected No Yes

Noisy ground reference /frequency corrected No Yes

Arcing ground-faults corrected and alarmed No Yes

Operational efficiency reduce KW & grnd current No Yes

Harmonics related Power Quality events affecting Power Systems can cause downtime. Solutions

Drives /Rectifiers cause Harmonics Tuned Capacitors or AFPT

Grnd Current costs money continuously Reactor or AFPT

Fundamentally improve your power system, continue to operate, rather than fault and replace damaged equipment.

Replace your distribution transformers with AFPT and eliminate SPDs, Harmonic Filters, Voltage Regulators, NGR or HRG,

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