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200,000 Volt surges eliminated continuously! Lightning & other Voltage events are eliminated by AFPT

Updated: Jan 19

SPD Industry Testing shows:

MOV devices, arresters, TVSS, SPDs Compared to AFPT


MCOV L-L (1.) 550V TVSS N/A

Let Thru Surge V (1.) 1616V TVSS 12V

Current Used (2.) 3000A 3A

Time of Test (2.) 8/20µs typical 358µs This test

Ungrounded system, 480V with 6000V surge event. AFPT with Phaseback VSGR eliminates the need for MOV based SPDs, while improving overall system performance. Many SPDs will fail due to sustained high voltage, some will fail catastrophically and some of those will cause additional damage, depending on their location. Imagine what will happen at 200,000 Volts with SPDs, while it is a non-event with Phaseback VSGR.
(1.) MOVs have a high CLAMPING VOLTAGE, so it must wait, until the transient is big enough to cross that threshold, to begin operation. VSGR technology removes the surge immediately, even at 200,000Volts.
If the voltage stays above the rated CLAMPING VOLTAGE for longer than 100µs, the MOV is likely to fail. This test showed Phaseback VSGR taking the surge for 358µs with a 12V let thru voltage surge.
(2.) MOVs convert Voltage to Heat Energy, thus the Surge KA Rating, which determines the size. MOV’s limitation is the amount of energy they can dissipate, as it takes time to cool. Station Class arresters dissipate more heat energy than Distribution Class arresters, so they are larger and more expensive.

(3.) 200,000V test revealed no damage to any part of the system, from the source to the 3phase motor load, with Phaseback VSGR installed. This test ran continuously for 30 hours with 200,000V being applied about 1800 times per hr.

200,000 Volts will damage everything-pdf download 2 pages

For Industrial Power Systems, most companies choose a Delta / Wye Transformer w Neutral Ground Resistor or High Resistance Ground System. Now there is a better choice.

The AFPT is a Harmonic Mitigating, Arc Flash preventing Transformer with VSGR. It has many benefits, some of which are:

Arc-Flash / Fault prevention,

Voltage Spikes / High Voltages eliminated,

Phase Voltage Imbalance corrected,

Phase Loss from high impedance grounds fixed,

Phase angle differential maintained,

Phase voltage instability corrected,

Phase voltage harmonics improved,

Waveform distortion corrected,

Noisy ground reference /frequency corrected,

Arcing ground-faults corrected and alarmed,

Operational efficiency - reduce KW & ground current.

Fundamentally improve your power system, continue to operate, rather than fault and replace damaged equipment or WORSE.

Replace your distribution transformers with AFPT and eliminate SPDs, Harmonic Filters, Voltage Regulators, NGR or HRG


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