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Lightning Protection

Do You need Lightning Protection?


Lightning is something that we cannot avoid and in many ways, a power station is far more susceptible to a lightning strike than other structures. These structures do have large metal towers that can attract lightning in which case, a lightning strike is likely to cause a power outage. When lightning strikes a power station it does cause an interruption in service and can cause a great deal of damage to transformers and other power structures. It is always best to have some sort of lightning protection to help make sure that the power station is protected and that there is no chance that lightning is going to strike the power station, that there is no chance of a fire or other damage, and that the power station and the people serviced by it are protected as well. Lightning rods are a great way to help protect your power station and CY Cates Power Quality and Transformers LLC can help you set up the right lightning protection for all your power station needs.

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