Heat Shrink Products

24kV heatshrink bus insulation
Heatshrink bus insulation rated 36kV, heatshrink ratio 2.5:1, Red, Halogen free, Operating temperature: -40C to 105C, shrinks at 125C. Equal: 3M BBI, Tyco BPTM.
1000V Bus Insulation Black
Bus Bar Insulation 1kV Flame Retardant, Halogen Free, Operating Temperature -40C to 105C, Shrink Ratio 2.5:1 and 3:1, Protect from short circuit. Equal: Tyco LVIT
Semi-Conductive 24kV Dual Wall
Semi-Conductive outer layer with 35kV insulation inner layer Cross-Linked Heavy wall heat-shrink tubing eliminate partial discharge, operating temperature: -55C to 105C, Rated for 5kV to 35kV, Halogen free. Equal: Tyco CICM.
Y3 creepage shed 35kV rain shed HVCE
Y3 Creepage / rain shed to help BIl rating of cable connection Phase to ground clearance especially in wet conditions. Equal: Tyco HCVE
Wraparound Heatshrink 1000V CRSM
Wraparound Heatshrink 1000V, Heavy duty protective material with Zipper like fastener system, Equal: Tyco CRSM
Y2 Cable Seal protection ESC SSC
Protective cable water seal to keep the cable from contamination, Equal: Raychem ESC or SSC, 3M ICEC
UPMWB U-bolt protection
Medium Wall Heat shrink for U-Bolt, Corrosion protection between U-Bolt and Pipes.
UPHWFR-A Heavy Wall Heatshrink adhes
S3(h) UPHWFR-A Heavy Wall Heatshrink adhesive for maximum protection, Equal:Tyco FCSM, 3M HDT
UPMW MWTW, Medium Wall Tubing
UPMW MWTW, Medium Wall Tubing, Durable Black or Red, Halogen Free, Operating temp -55C to 105C, shrink temperature 125C, Shrink ration 3:1, Equal: Tyco MWTM, 3M JMCSN
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