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Cast Resin Transformer

What is a Cast Resin Transformer?


There are tons of different types of transformers and one that is easy to install and use is the cast resin transformer. This is a transformer that has the windings encased in epoxy resin rather than metal or any other type of casing. These are dry transformers and are easy to install and do not have cooling oil and do not need fire proof vaults if they are going to be installed inside a building. The resin is what protects the windings inside and is what makes sure that they are not a fire hazard and that they are going to work well and be safe for all users. For those in the Houston, Texas area, CY Cates Power Quality and Transformers LLC can help you get the best cast resin transformers that are going to work well for your particular needs. This is a fantastic type of transformer and it is useful in a huge range of different applications and places as well. With professional installation, they can be a great addition to any power station.

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