Y Splice separable splice 25kV
Richards separable splices are available in H (4way), Y (3way), and I (2way), which are submersible, and suitable for vault or direct buried installation.
Cold-Shrink 600/900A 25kV elbow Term
600A or 900A Cold Shrink Elbow Termination for 5kV, 15kV, 25kV or 35kV systems. Use for outdoor, indoor, vault, direct buried installation. Made in the USA
Shear Bolt for correct torque
Shear bolt type hardware is useful - no special tool is required to get the proper torque. Richards shearbolt is also removable.
Richards RSTACK 600 900A elbow
Richards RStack 600 or 900A elbows have built in connecting plugs, which is helpful for the best and least expensive installation of multiple cables.
15-35kV Junction separable connector
Richards 15 thru 35kV Junctions, with or without mounting hardware. Great for *Splicing dissimilar cables *Vault Splice
Cold Shrink Splice - to 35kV EPDM
The CSH is range-taking and includes an integral jacket seal -Three separate components are combined into a single design with oil-resistant EPDM jacket that provides outstanding mechanical impact/tear resistance. Richards products are manufactured in the USA.
Restraint -Separable Splice option
Richards Sleeve Restraints give you the extra security and peace of mind you need for
sleeves installed in extreme environments (such as excessive heat from overloaded
joints, or cables suspected of having water in the strands, which can increase internal
pressure) or very demanding locations (tight vaults, for example, where cables need to
be bent to fit) .
<< ADDED SECURITY for our joints in especially demanding environments assures proper sleeve positioning.
Richards RStack Arrester 35kV 600A
Richards’ innovative 35kV R-Stack Surge Arrester is an ultra-efficient way to protect
underground cables and equipment from harmful over-voltages . Our Arrester is equipped
with gapless Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) technology, and assembled within a fullyshielded,
submersible EPDM housing. By utilizing
a Deadbreak R-Stack Elbow housing,
several critical advantages are afforded:
200A 15 & 25kV Loadbreak Elbow
Richards 200A 15 & 25kV Loadbreak Elbow. with or without test point. new option for integral jacket seal. More insulation . That’s what makes our Loadbreak Elbow better than other
similar products on the market . Additional insulation makes our elbow more
reliable, enabling it to outperform competitors’ products. Richards is committed to discovering new ideas that will improve our
products and increase their safety and reliability for our customers .
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