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VSGR Prevents Arc Flash, by balancing Phase Voltages!!!!

  • VSGR for Drives & Motors

Watch Video on VSGR for Drives & Motors.

And see ARC FLASH test report below

  • VSGR will prevent Arc Flash events by balancing the phase to ground voltages continuously - see the Arc Flash Test results from Kema Labs in below attachment.

  • VSGR will provide a stable ground reference which will simplify power factor correction and may eliminate any other harmonic filter requirements on the system.

  • VSGR will save money by keeping the phase to ground voltages balanced continuously. Most systems have some imbalance - payback can be calculated as follows:

    • 1.4% energy reduction for every 1% of Voltage imbalance.

    • If Energy cost is $100,000 per month and voltage imbalance is 1%, the savings would be ​$1400 per month from Energy reduction. 

  • VSGR will prolong the life of electrical apparatus​:

    • by keeping the phase to ground voltage balanced, motors and other inductive loads will run cooler.​

    • in case of a single phase event, the lost phase will be corrected so as to minimize damage and reduce the imbalance. In many cases the 3 phase loads will continue to operate, until the ALARM CONDITION is addressed.

    • Transients are eliminated on the system.  There is no clamping voltage to consider with regard to Transient protection and longer high voltage events exceeding the MCOV will be controlled. See the the 6000V test in the Arc Flash Test results.

Benefits of VSGR

  1. Safety – a common cause of Arc Flash is prevented with ground fault prevention, detection and alarm. See Kema Test reports below where ARC FLASH was prevented!
  2. Energy Consumption - By balancing phase / grnd voltages and correcting phase differential distortion, 3phase energy costs are reduced at 1.4% savings per 1% of Voltage unbalance, approx.
  3. Voltage Harmonics – on 3 wire systems reduced to within the IEE519 limits.
  4. Equipment operation and maintenance - Transients are eliminated- tested to 200,000V.
  5. Energy cost and equipment damage - Phases are balanced immediately
  6. When installed between a VFD and Motor, the motor and drive will run cooler which saves on equipment operation, maintenance cost and energy cost.
  7. Provides a good ground reference for power system stability.
  8. Phaseback is Electromagnetic technology and has a lifetime warranty.
Kill it! Once and for all. Lightning and other Voltage events are eliminated
Phaseback ballances voltage on a 3 phase system as shown in this example
  • VSGR for Drives & Motors
Watch Video:
VSGR for Drives
& Motors
Coast Guard Studies

Watch Video VSGR for

Drives & Motors.

  • VSGR for Drives & Motors

Protect your system from Electrical maladies and be happy that Energy Savings pays for it, perhaps in less than 1 YEAR!

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